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  Welcome to Jared Padalecki Fan; a fansite for the extremely talented Jared Padalecki. You may know him from films like "Friday the 13th ", "Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage", "Cry_Wolf", "House of Wax" and more. As well as the popular cw series Supernatural. Check back for all the latest news, photos and more.  
  Jared Tristan Padalecki (19th July 1982) is an American actor best known for his role as Sam Winchester in Supernatural, Dean Forestor in Gilmore Girls and for portraying artist Thomas Kinkade in the movies, Christmas Cottage. Jared was born in San Antonio, Texas. In 2005, Jared was cast as the demon hunter Sam Winchester in the hit show Supernatural, alongside Jensen Ackles. Since then, he has become a fan favourite actor, as well as an extremely versatile one. Jared is married to fellow actress, Genevieve Padalecki (nee Cortese) and has two sons, Thomas and Shepherd.  
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    Upcoming/Current Projects

    Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

    Synopsis: Season 10 begins with Sam’s frantic search for his missing brother, who is gone without a trace. The road to recovering the wayward Dean takes Sam down dark paths, with consequences that will shake the boys to their core. Read More.
    Role: as Sam Winchester
    Status: Next Episode - 10X02 Reichenback

    • Salute to Supernatural - in Washington, USA, May 2 to May 4, 2014. More information here.
    • CW Affiliates Dinner - in New Yor, USA, May 14.
    • CW Upfronts - in New Yor, USA, May 15.
    • Jus in Bello - in Rome, Italy, May 23 to May 25, 2014. More information here.
    • Salute to Supernatural - in Vancouver, Canada, August 22 to August, 2014. More information here.
    • Salute to Supernatural - in New Jersey, USA, September 5 to September 7, 2014. More information here.
    • Salute to Supernatural - in Dallas, USA, September 19 to September 21, 2014. More information here.
    • Supernatural Season 10 Premiere - on The CW, October 8 2014. More information here.
    • Salute to Supernatural - in Toronto, Canada, October 10 to October 12, 2014. More information here.

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    I have added HQ screencaps of Jared in the 5th episode, Fan-Fiction which you can find by clicking the images below:


    You can also video the promo for the next episode, Ask Jeeves:

    Lastly another interview with Jared and K Site TV was released:

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    Posted on Nov,132014
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    TV Line shared a video of Jared and Jensen chatting about the 200th Episode, which you can view when clicking the source. Below you can read  snippet of the interview, but beware of potential spoilers!

    “It’s awe-inspiring and kind of unbelievable.”

    That’s how Supernatural star Jared Padalecki describes the show’s milestone 200th hour, in which a case brings the Winchesters to an all-girls school that’s staging a performance of Carver Edlund’s books.

    “Imagine the surprise on Sam and Dean’s face when they walk through the doors and find a musical-theater production” based on their lives, co-star Jensen Ackles shares in the following behind-the-scenes video.


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    Posted on Nov,102014
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    During the initial Supernatural celebration for 200 episodes, Jared took part in a few interviews, which you can view below:

    Below you can view the extended trailer for the 200th episode, titled Fan-Fiction

    Lastly, Jensen, Jared, Misha and the show have been nominated for the 2015 People’s Choice Awards. Go to the official website to vote!

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    Posted on Nov,062014
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    Jared attended a second party to celebrate Supernatural’s 200 episodes, and you can find 23 HQ images in the gallery:


    On Stage

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    Posted on Nov,042014
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    The official synopsis for episode 6, Ask Jeeves, has been released, which you can view below the cut:

    Read more

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    Posted on Oct,302014
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    Here is the promo for Supernatural’s next episode Fan Fiction, which will not be airing until the 11th November

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    Posted on Oct,292014
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    Jared tweeted this picture of himself and Genevieve while livetweeting Supernatural last night.

    Screencaps for 10×03 will be uploaded shortly!

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    Posted on Oct,222014
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    At the Supernatural 200th Episode Party, Jared took part in a number of interviews, with a video below and snippets of other interviews:


    “There’s a quote, ‘You hurt most the ones you love’,” Padalecki said. “And Sam has said the same things to Dean where he said I wouldn’t have gone after you, he’s said a lot of things to try and needle Dean. And we can’t forget that Dean’s a demon and Dean’s saying what he needs to say to piss Sam off because he wants to find a chink in the armor. It’s like when you’re playing tennis or chess with somebody. You get in their head so you can beat them. You psyche them out. And that’s what demons do. Demon Dean also knows how to get to Sam. But I think there’s some truth in it too. And Sam knows it. But Dean’s truth, although it’s parallel to Sam’s truth, it’s not the same. And I think Sam’s smart enough to figure that out.” Padalecki also assured us that the brothers could reconcile those two truths: “It’s going be difficult and it’s going take some time. But they certainly can.”


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    Posted on Oct,212014
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