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I have added captures from Tuesday’s episode of Supernatural “Meta Fiction” to our photo archive.

The promo for Supernatural episode 19 of season nine “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” has released. You can view that below.

I have added the missing screen captures from season 9 to our gallery in 1080p of Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in the CW television series Supernatural to our photo archive. Additionally, the missing episode stills from season 9 have been added as well.

Screenfad has published the sneak peek of Thinman, episode with Ghostfacers.


Supernatural is back with brand new episodes and, after yesterday’s episode, we already have the promotional video for next week’s episode, Thinman.

The promotional stills of episode that will air March 4, Thinman, were published.

With only 4 days left to Supernatural‘s return, a new video with a scene from next episode, Captives, was released.


The promotional stills of next episode, Captives, were released.

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