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Screenfad has published the sneak peek of Thinman, episode with Ghostfacers.


With only 4 days left to Supernatural‘s return, a new video with a scene from next episode, Captives, was released.

"Supernatural" Panel - Comic-Con International 2012

One is not enough for Jensen and Jared so they fool Misha again, giving him another pie in the face. The revenge’s threat was made so we only have to wait the watch the “next chapter”. Watch the video posted by Misha below.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, I’ll hunt u down and make u wish you were never born. You betters sleep with one eye open because revenge is a dish best served without frosting.


The promotional video of the next episode that airs February 25 on The CW, Captives, was released. Until then, two weeks without new episodes.

A video with a scene from the next Supernatural episode, The Purge, was released.

Watch below the promotional video of next Tuesday’s episode, The Purge.

Here is the promotional video of the episode airing next Tuesday, Sharp Teeth.

The CW shared a new promotional video with new images from this season and named it “Bad Out There”.